Late summer update

It was a very busy summer; I could have updated social medias and blogged, but I decided to have long breaks of swimming in lakes, rest and enjoy my family and friends instead. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get a lot done though. Sadly I worked all summer without taking any photos! Silly me… At least I didn’t use my “good” camera, so the only photos I have to offer are the fast snaps I’ve taken with my phone. But it’ll have to do for now. My garden is in resting now, I still have a few vegetables left to harvest, but mostly I focus my time on digging, ground work for the future orangery and ponds. I have met with fellow permaculture folks and I have a lot of ideas how to proceed now. The plan now is to live self-sufficient and to have plenty enough vegetables and eggs to sell as well. I should be able to start up “for real” next summer!

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