Welcome to the home of raori and Belgagården.

My name is Hanna and live in Sweden with my Belgian musician husband and our three kids. During the long Swedish summer days, I run a small permaculture farm where I grow vegetables and flowers, and during the cold and dark winter months I make everyday clothes and wedding gowns on demand.

We are a creative little artist family who loves to make things. When the kids were born we took a decision: Enough with the buying! We were tired of of fake trends, of badly made high street clothes and plastic toys that breaks fast without a chance to repair them, horrible work conditions in third world countries for our pleasure with an increasingly poor environment as a result … We didn’t want to be a part of that costuming rat-race anymore, so instead we started an urban farm in our backyard, ditched the TV with its constant stream of advertising, learned how to bake and cook from scratch, how to make toys and everyday items out of materials we had at hand and with newly learned skills.

These years have been the most important of our lives: we have learned to put value on the things we own; we cherish and look after our belongings now, repairing them if they break instead of throwing them away to buy something new. Not only have we learned lots of new skills, but we have also found a real connection to nature, people and more time to spend doing what we love and with our kids. If we really need to buy something, we shop vintage or support handmade artists or local farmers and shops.

My wish with this blog is that maybe, I will be able to inspire you to start creating more yourself.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the making!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts, requests, want to place an order or if you need press images.

  1. Inspiring words. It is so satisfying to cook with food that you have grown, play with toys that you have made, and wear clothes that you have created. Wishing you much success and happiness in your venture and in your beautiful blog.

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