Spring days with Alva

This spring I have dropped all assignments, my shop and everything I can to get a head-start on our forest garden. Alva and I are enjoying our last days together before she starts school in the fall, so the timing has been perfect. Apart from helping me and learning to grow food, Alva decided to start her own vegetable garden where she will grow her favourite vegetables: spinach, broccoli and strawberries. When we need a break, she larns how to ride her new (second hand) bike.

The task to make us self-sufficient feels somewhat heavy, but this is the first year, so I’m trying to be happy with every little garden bed we have the energy to create. The soil is rock-solid and it will take a lot of time, worms and compost to be able to grow in it. We also started to build a chicken coop and planted apple trees. The poly-tunnel that I built out of scrap metal and planks from the house construction is great! We are already growing spinach and radishes in there and the temperature is staying steady around 20 degrees Celsius.


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