I made them Hogwarts uniforms

harry potter-3

harry potter

harry potter-2 At least that’s what my kids wanted to be for this year’s Carnival in school. The decision didn’t surprise me as we started to read from the Harry Potter books before going to bed a few weeks back. There is a Harry Potter fever in our house! And for you who know me; I really don’t mind that. I’m a mega-Harry Potter- nerd 😉 I knitted the scarfs, I made the robes based on the pattern below (found on Kostuum.com), but the Hogwarts badge, I ordered online (on eBay) as well as the ties. The wands are plain chop-sticks. I also thought that Harry needed his owl Hedwig, so we bought her as well. The cage is from the famous Belgian flee market: Jeu de Balle. Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.33.26


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