The Edible Garden Project 2015 – part 5.

Early spring and square feet.

The gardening reading material that I have been plowing through this winter is Mel Bartolomew’s “the square foot garden”. I think this gardening method will fit our small garden perfectly as it enables you to squeeze in A LOT on a very small space. To quickly explain this method:

You grow everything in squares instead of rows.

By doing this you eliminate weeds growing and the endless weeding between rows. You avoid planting more than you need and there won’t be any more hard work or analyzing of the soil as you use a special mix, perfectly fitted for anything you want to grow, in raised beds.

The result is an impressive harvest in little space. Perfect for a small vegetarian family.

You plant by following a formula, a plant spacing guide, based on the size of your finished plant/ vegetable. For example: carrots are thin and don’t need a lot of space in between, so 1 square can fit 16 carrots. Beetroots are bigger, but doesn’t need a lot of space in between, thus 9 beets in 1 square. Squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage etc are bigger plants, so they need more space. 1 plant per square. See the diagram below.

March 2015 was spent building the beds, mixing the soil (Mel’s mix) and planting a few early seedlings that could stand the frost. I also gave my older kids 3 square feet each, where they can plant what they want. My son planted in each square: 6 pea plants, 1 cauliflower and 16 carrots. My daughter: 16 radishes, 16 carrots and 1 cauliflower.

My biggest challenge at the moment is to make my baby daughter understand that dirt is not meant to be eaten…

ediblegarden new beg-3

ediblegarden new beg-5
ediblegarden new beg-8

ediblegarden new beg-9 ediblegarden new beg-10


  1. What a wonderful post Raori, i envy you having a garden and taking gardening so seriously. It seems like a great plant method, when i have a small garden , i’m going to adapt it. I really like that you gave your kids their own squares to grow what they like. I’m sure they are going to enjoy it more when they eat their own grow vegi.. When my boys were young we had a small garden too and we planted together carrots and herb. the kids didn’t have patient so they checked the carrots to often – of course we had to eat very Small carrots 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihi 🙂 small carrots are delicious though! I miss you all so much, but this makes me so happy, and it feels so important to learn. I hope you get to have your own garden soon Yael, it’s a true satisfaction to eat your own food. lots of love!


  2. Awesome Hanna !
    Great Project – Pictures of you and the kids are lovely
    can’t wait to taste the result ;o)

    Kisses to the family


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