How to sew a button

This is probably something that a lot of you already know, but I’ve had some requests for this basic knowledge of sewing, so here it goes! As an example I will use a jeans skirt I changed for my daughter today; with only 3 buttons, I attached easily made suspenders to her super cute skirt. (She loves this skirt, but she complains that it always twists and ends up backside front- this will solve that problem!)

How to properly sew on a button

You will need:

* buttons
* needle
* thread

How to do it:

1. Cut a piece of thread about an arms length. Thread it through a needle.
2. Mark out with a washable textile pen, where you want the button to be (see the blue spot).

3. Stitch FIVE TIMES at the same spot! This is where many buttons breaks or falls off- they have to be properly secured. To do this, pull the thread through almost to the end, leaving as little as you can without pulling through the thread entirely and then start stitching.

4. When your thread is secure, take the button and put the needle through the hole from underneath.

5. When you’ve pulled all the way through, hold the button against the fabric and put the needle through the other hole and then through some threads of the fabric. Repeat step 4 and 5 FIVE times.

 6. Last step is to secure the button again. Sew FIVE times at the same spot and the cut of the thread.

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