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DIY – Candy Cane Carpet

It’s the first time I’m using spaghetti yarn for a crochet or knitting project. I love the way this project is turning out, it’s going to be a bedside carpet for my kids’ room. It’s very soft to walk on and the neon pink is really popping out, it will fit the style of their room very well. The yarn reminds me of Candy Cane Sweets… Anyway, spaghetti yarn was so much easier to work with than what people told me. I have already bought 8 rolls of black and white of which I will make a carpet for our kitchen. Spaghetti yarn is very easy to make by yourself too: get a hold of a couple of old and worn out t-shirts and follow this really easy tutorial on Craft Passion. polkagrismatta polkagrismatta1

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Etsy Lab- Just knitting

Yeay- another Etsy Lab in Belgium has just taken place! Together with Anna DeniseEmilie Danel and Johanna Vähätalo, we organized an afternoon of knitting in the sun. It was really creative and stimulating and we will definitely continue this project with lots of more handcraft ideas. Feel free to join our group BXL Handmade on Facebook to follow coming Etsy Labs. It’s a great way to get together and learn a new creative skill, as well as getting to know other artist in the area. Lots of exiting Etsy Labs are coming up: art journaling, crochet, sewing, pattern cutting, jewelry making …

See you next time, thanks everyone for making this afternoon so special!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/311813085535109/

Photographs by Anna Denise Van Der Reijden (Thank you!!!)