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Lovely vintage toys…

cowboys-2 cowboys-3 cowboys

Look at these plastic fantastic old figurines! I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if I’m just a very nostalgic woman, but seriously: wasn’t toys back then so much prettier and better made than nowadays? The simpler, the better in my taste. And since plastic will inevitably stay around for long until after we are gone, we might as well stop supporting new production  of plastic crap that are meant to break anyway, and spend way less money on cute vintage toys like these 😉 Be the change!

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End of a great summer

This has truly been the BEST summer! July really sucked weather wise, but all good anyway; as Max spent time catching up with his work, I found myself full of energy and creativity, so me and the kiddies have been playing with collected things, creating lots of stuff (an airport and a kid-size castle, pine cone sculptures etc), destructing t-shirts, printing, sewing … And especially playing around with photos. I also had time to do a great Stockholm trip with my friend Eva (the line of fuck-dolls are from The Modern Museum in Stockholm, surprisingly, it was my first time there, amazing place if you ever have a chance to visit.)