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Stacy’s beautiful Wedding Photo shoot in Thailand

stacy 1

A few years ago I tailored a wedding gown for Stacy in Denver. Her and her (now) husband are Wedding Photographers, so they went to Thailand to shoot some stunning pictures showing beautiful Stacy in her raori dress. You can check out the result on her website, and here are a few of my favourite shots I would like to share with you. Photos courtesy of Gillespie Photography. Thank you Stacy for this lovely adventure with you 🙂

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Making a wedding dress

There is something very romantic and sweet about making a wedding dress for someone… I’m always so happy to be given that honor. It’s also a lot of nerves involved when I make a wedding dress; it has to be perfect for that big day! There is no room for mistakes on white silk and lace…
When I make dresses like this to measure, it’s really “old style”. What I mean is that this is how clothes used to be made at the tailor’s; a sketch, a photo, choosing the fabric, maybe trying on something similar, but not being able to see the actual garment until it’s finished. There is certainly something exiting and beautiful to make clothes like this. It makes me think back on the long history of my profession and why I love what I do so much! I think the best part in working “old style” like this, is that the bride can decide fabrics, style, feeling, length and fit all by herself (with my counseling of course!) This particular dress was custom made for Stacy in Colorado. You can check out the photo shoot she made with the dress in Thailand on her blog.

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Making the Burning Burta Maxi dress

This is how I make my favourite dress, the Burning Burta maxi dress. I looooove this dress, each piece is made to order and measure made, so there is always a new challenge for every dress I make. The cutting out takes a long time on my knees!! (my cutting table is not big enough), but the dress is quick to put together, using French Seams and Haute Couture hemming, see the sewing tutorials above. This particular dress is for a raori girl in Australia. I cut the lining and the main fabric at the same time as the pattern pieces are the same size, saving me also a lot of time. I always add the seam allowing onto my pattern pieces, it’s so much easier to add patterns notches as well (markings to match up when you sew). I never use pins for straight lines, I just make sure the markings add up. Oh, normally I iron the fabric before I start as well 😉
If you want to check out this dress in my shop, click here.

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My debut as an actress

I can finally tell you about the IKEA commercial. Here are some images from the shooting in May. Two very busy days of filming at the most spectacular location in Linkebeek. This was my first experience as an actress and I was seriously impressed by the “behind the scenes” production. I definitely want to do this again! My favorite scene was the sauna scene, when Sasha and me had to get out from a tool shed (acting this day as the sauna), filled with “steam” from smoke machine, both  of us painted red and oily, sprayed with Evian water to look sweaty, just to get totally splashed by Nicholas, holding a bucket full of water, take after take, after take… : new make-up, dry hair and body, new towel, new red body paint (to resemble sweat) , more Evian spray… until the final cut was done- with me ending up almost blind with fast jetted water in my nostrils, wide open eyes and mouth! I cursed very loud in Swedish!
The dance scene was the hardest- hour after hour, and nothing but water to drink! Luckily we found some props IKEA snaps, with we secretly sipped in the darkness, in the old 70’s van on location. Thank you all my darling fake Midsummer friends and Lovo Films for this incredible experience, I will never forget it 🙂
Now, don’t forget to watch the movie!! It’s HERE. I’m also the voice in the background!