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My wedding invitation package

If you read my blog, you know how much I love to draw. One of my favourite things to draw and illustrate are customised wedding invitations. Above we decided to go for a Chinese theme with red lanterns and a color scheme of green and red with the party and dinner invitations secretly hidden inside a center opened pocket. If you’re interested in this very different and personal wedding invitation, you can buy my wedding invitation package (which contains your own personal “logo”, theme based illustrations and wedding couple caricatures, hand written text all over, itinerary and framed and signed originals!) Please contact me for prices and details.

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Starting an Art journal




I’ve been writing diaries since I could write (I have about 35 of them hidden away! My entire life and everyone in it written down 🙂 It’s a very precious thing to save, but since leaving Sweden and after meeting my Belgian husband, I’ve been feeling slightly confused about what language to write in, so I sort of stopped… I was always very sad about that until I met a very special girl…

It’s been about a year since my friend Anna Denise taught me how to do Art journaling – THANK YOU, Anna! On her web site, she has an Art Journal 101, a tutorial, where she takes you step by step to get started for yourself.

Art journaling is a great way to express yourself artistically and I do it in my in-between projects periods, especially if I find it hard to start a new collection. Doodling with a pen, drawing special moments from my life, make colorful lists or just throwing out anger on a piece of paper, is a very efficient way to become creative if you’re in a “low face”. It is also the perfect way to learn how to draw. Or when you want to do something creative together with your kids: sitting together and drawing together is very relaxing 🙂

I was pretty bad in the beginning (I’m used to drawing clothes and stiff looking mannequins!), but little by little I figured out which colors that worked with my style, what layouts to use, and especially what we looked like – how to draw the people in my life! You can see my progress from the first ugly ones I did, to the more recent ones. I hope this little post inspired you to get started yourself? It’s really fun!








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DIY – little love box

My husband is one of those men who doesn’t want anything for his birthday. So every year I find myself totally lost. I do know however, that he likes handmade things and he really appreciates sweet thoughts (like eloping without the kids for a small weekend or a handmade bag or some very nice sushi for dinner or… well, you get the point!) When I ask him if there is something special he wants, most of the time he tells me: “oh, just give me a kiss!”And this year was no exception, but this time it gave me an idea….
I’m gonna show you have to make “a love box” !! A sweet little something, super fast and pretty much free to make. A little paper box filled with love! In my case, I have written some thoughts on long strips of pretty paper, thoughts that I have about him … oh, I won’t go into details, but it goes something like: “I love looking into your beautiful eyes, I could stare at them all day…” stuff like that.
Here is how I made the box:
We have a lot of different cheese here in Belgium, and many of them comes in pretty wood or paper boxes. That is exactly the kind of “garbage” paper box that we’re looking for here. Something that is made to be thrown away, but brought to life. (I love that!).
I flipped through my huge pile of old design magazines and found this Belgian graffiti fashion shoot that I thought had potential for my little project. I grabbed a Pritt stick (glue) and started tearing small pieces of the photo shoot pages. It was the background I really liked. First I glued the entire top of the box, started to add small pieces, and as I moved on, I glued on the pieces instead before I tacked them down.
The edge of the box was beige brown and I thought it would look better white, so I painted it with fast drying acrylic paint before I continued to glue down my ripped pieces. I found a nice drawing of a man I thought looked like Max and some women that I liked, I glue the man on the top, cut out letters for “Max” and glued the women on the bottom. For a great finish and longer lasting quality, you could add a layer of Mod Podge on top of everything, but it’s not necessary.