The before and after pictures …

This is a presentation of my garden at Belgagården. I have had a clear plan in mind: The 1000 sq.m. patch down there is where I will grow food and keep chickens. All the compost material that I can get my hands on will be put on top of a patch of laid out cardboard. This is to suffocate the grass and weeds and to trick the worms to start working the dirt underneath read more HERE). I love the no-dig solution, lasagna gardening and all those lazy methods. Best is to combine them all in my opinion. 

I plan and I build, little by little, one project at a time, but permaculture is always in the back of my head: the gravel I dig away here, can be the floor of the new green house over there. The pine tree that I take away on the hill will be the new spot for my orchard. The rocks that I dig up from the future pond will be the foundation for the stone wall on the other side of the house. The forest ground soil will be used as filling in my garden beds. The left over planks from the building of the house will be the structure of a green house. So I dig, I carry, I transport with the wheel barrow, my body aches, but I stop to pause and think I must be the happiest person on earth that have a chance to do something like this.

I spent 3 years working on this project now and I’m really happy that I managed to do so much already. I honestly didn’t think I would manage more than a few garden beds, but as you can see I now have a poly-tunnel (not the prettiest one I know, but very functional!), a few garden beds, the beginning of a chicken coop and already some plants growing. I’ve been reading so many books about self-sufficiency and how to live with what you can grow for the better part of the year as well as how to store and use the harvest into the winter, so I hope my idea will work and that I will be able to share this continuous adventure with you.


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