We built ourselves a log home in Sweden!

It’s May 2020 and the world is struggling to keep Covid-19 or Corona under control. So many people are stuck inside their homes right now, so many people are suffering financially… This feels like a good time to start tutorials and inspiration on my blog again. I would like to share a few things I have learned over the years as a maker of things. Managing with what you have at home already, reusing and upcycle trash to make things that you need in life, buying INGREDIENTS instead of ready-made groceries is more important than ever. With a few basic household skills like baking, sewing, building you can sustain yourself and your family for a long time in the event of a crisis.

We have been striving towards a farm-like life in the countryside for years, somewhere where we can save money (and the environment) by living minimalistic and simple on the land and by what we can make ourselves. Last summer our dream came true. Max and his brothers finished building us a log home at the edge of a Swedish forest, and this is where we live now. The house is still not completely finished, neither is the garden, so I would like to take you with me on this adventure as I learn about growing food, keeping chickens and living on the cheap side to save money for the future and to be able to live an independently free artistic life.

Countryside life is lovely and all about networking and helping each other out. You get manure from the local farmers and you bake them bread or give them vegetables back. You trade your tomato plants for a plum-tree, you build garden beds of the leftover planks that your neighbour is happy to get rid of etc…

Here is a very long vertical slide show to show you what we have been doing the last three years. From the first sketch to the ground works, to the snow and building in the cold and finally to the finished house. I’m exited to share my new life as a farmer/ wedding dress designer with you.

ScreenClip (3)

ScreenClip (4)groundworks-5platta-9reinforcement-6return-3return-6working in cold-8belgagarden-1belgagarden-2belgagarden-3belgagarden-5belgagarden-6belgagarden-7belgagarden-8belgagarden-9belgagarden-11belgagarden-12


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