Changes… Moving to Sweden

Life doesn’t prepare you for what will happen next. You gotta learn how to surf the waves of life. That’s just how it is… We did. Three years ago we left Belgium. We moved to my home country of Sweden, thinking it would improve our life. It did, but it took three years of surfing rather painful, but rewarding waves. In no way did I imagine that coming back to Sweden would have been this hard. But now the ocean is still, and clear. And we see the future ahead of us, bright and lovely!

I’m not going to go in to any details about this rollercoaster ride, only to say that we are finally where we want to be, still with lots of work ahead of us, but feeling balanced and calm. We have a house. We have a garden. We have an income and we have time to create. We have found some amazing friends and we have our family. And the kids are happy. Those are the only things that matters 🙂

Now to my update: I started up raori again. My old, most popular models stayed in the shop, but I also decided to make textile items from everything that I have left from before, everything from bags to pencil cases to skirts. This will maybe create a little mismatch in my shop, but I need a clean look and feel in my studio for all my future designs to come. Besides, it’s good for old fabrics to become something useful.

I’m also working on a a bigger future sustainable slow fashion project, but this will all be revealed in good time. For it to be really great, it needs some long-time planning… For now, let me just announce: I’m open for business, I’m ready to create your dream wedding dress, help you to make patterns for your future line of clothes or illustrate a banner or a wedding invitation. Bring it on!

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