Goodbye Belgium and our Edible Garden

We are leaving Belgium for good. It’s scary and exiting at the same time. The kids are exited to move to the strange country in the north where everyone speaks mum’s language, but it’s also so scary to leave our beloved Belgian family, friends, school and everything else that feels safe. We have no real plan, only one job as income, somewhere temporary to live until we find our dream home and of course we have our Swedish family.

I will probably take a break from blogging, raori and everything that feels “normal” for me, until we have settled and we are back with a new sustainable project in Sweden instead.

Thanks for your support over the years, it has been lovely to inspire you to make more in order to save money, as a substitute for buying, or to save the environment… whatever your choice of making things with your hand might be, I have gotten to know a fantastic group of creators all over the world through raori, and I’m forever grateful for that. Goodbye for now my fellow makers ♡

goodbye Edible Garden-1goodbye Edible Garden-2goodbye Edible Garden-3

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