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Apan’s new school bag


My son loves his monkey, Apan. He takes him along absolutely everywhere. We’ve already lost him so many times, but somehow we always find him back. Actually, it’s quite funny to watch them together: my son only uses one hand. The other one is always busy holding Apan. Sometimes he needs both his hands, but he never puts Apan away, instead he keeps him neatly under his arm until his hand is free again.

This has been fine until now: he refuses to let go of a red race car which is now occupying the only free hand he has. This was also ok, but as he has to put one of his beloved friends away, lately, it is often the race car that disappears.

Today I came up with a clever idea to keep them both together and to give my son back his free hand: I made Apan a little blue school bag! Now Apan will be the one carrying around the little race car instead and hopefully we can have peace at home again. (If you don’t have kids this might not seem like such a big deal, but trust me: bedtime, food time, toilet time, any time without these beloved items is impossible and leads to a lot of sadness… Luckily kids change and this chasing after favourites will be over one day, but I know from older siblings that I will miss the chasing.)