My debut as an actress

I can finally tell you about the all-secretive IKEA commercial! Here are some images from the shooting in May. Two very busy days of filming at the most spectacular location in Linkebeek. This was my first experience as an actress and I was seriously impressed by the “behind the scenes” production. I definitely want to do this again! My favorite scene was the sauna scene, when Sasha and me had to get out from a tool shed (acting this day as the sauna), filled with “steam” from smoke machine, both  of us painted red and oily, sprayed with Evian water to look sweaty, just to get totally splashed by Nicholas, holding a bucket full of water, take after take, after take… : new make-up, dry hair and body, new towel, new red body paint (to resemble sweat) , more Evian spray… until the final cut was done- with me ending up almost blind with fast jetted water in my nostrils, wide open eyes and mouth! I cursed very loud in Swedish!

The dance scene was the hardest- hour after hour, and nothing but water to drink! Luckily we found some props IKEA snaps, with we secretly sipped in the darkness, in the old 70’s van on location. Thank you all my darling fake Midsummer friends and Lovo Films for this incredible experience, I will never forget it 🙂

Now, don’t forget to watch the movie!! It’s HERE. I’m also the voice in the background.

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